This plucky little white pony has been a fixture on the streets for many years. According to our calculations, he must be around 23 or 24 years old by now. He has gone by at least three different names and even more owners. Piccadilly spent the last and largest part of his life with Mr Gladstone Solomons aka “Oupa” and he was well-loved by everyone in the family.

Piccadilly has quite the mind of his own and is a feisty little guy! Vets that tried to treat him had to be extremely wary of a hoof (both front and back) and if you missed a vein the first time, he wasn’t going to give you a second chance to inject him.

He was found on the road one day, coming back from the scrap yard with Piccadilly refusing to go past the turn-off to Cart Horse in Epping. He simply didn’t want to go home and was determined to stop off at Cart Horse first! The driver was yelling for help because the little horse refused to go forward and whenever the driver got off to guide him by the reins, Piccadilly would aim a kick in the boy’s direction. He was in a near-panic state and the Cart Horse bakkie had to accompany him almost all the way home.

After many years of service Mr Solomons decided that the best place for his beloved Piccadilly to be, would be at the Cart Horse Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre in Gordon’s Bay. The deep love he had for his owner was evident as he pined for Gladstone for the first few days after arriving, but he has since perked up a little bit and is enjoying his retirement so far.