Working in Equine Welfare

Learn to be an effective equine welfare worker with our distinctive online course

Develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to contribute to the essential and important work of equine welfare

Developed by the Cart Horse Protection Association in partnership with World Horse Welfare (UK), Working in Equine Welfare is a comprehensive, interactive online course which draws on decades of working in the equine welfare sector.

Is this course for you?

Working in Equine Welfare is ideal for if you want to:

  • make a difference in the world of equine welfare
  • participate in preventing abuse and neglect of equines
  • broaden your knowledge of equine welfare
  • complement any equine-related studies
  • understand the context of working in under-resourced communities
  • broaden your job opportunities with marketable skills
  • enhance your CV
  • convert your love of equines into a new career
  • volunteer in animal or equine welfare

“This is a groundbreaking online course! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference to the welfare of equines.”
 – Laura Smith, Equine Welfare Trainer

About this course

Working in Equine Welfare, a 90-hour course, offers:

90-hour course
6-month access
R1 600

“World Horse Welfare has enjoyed a successful partnership with the Cart Horse Protection Association for over 20 years in working to create a centre of excellence for working equine welfare. Our organisation looks to work with like-minded organisations across the globe that are able to address equine welfare issues in a sustainable manner. As a partner and recipient of donor-funding, the Cart Horse Protection Association has shown itself to be competent, trustworthy and professional.”

Liam Maguire, Director of International – World Horse Welfare

Course requirements

No previous qualifications or entry criteria are needed to do this course.
You should have a good grasp of English, basic computer skills, and reliable internet access.

And a desire to make a difference in equine welfare!

 “I have always been impressed with the facilitation and training programmes offered by the Cart Horse Protection Association. This organisation has consistently offered high-quality, professional training to a wide range of workers in the animal welfare sector.”

Penny Ward, Director – Mutengo Consulting

Course contents

Find out more about what you can learn in each module.

Module 1: The context of equine welfare work

  • Animal rights, animal welfare and the Five Freedoms
  • Roles and responsibilities of equine welfare workers
  • Successful and effective equine welfare workers

Module 2: Understanding the equine

  • Different uses of equines
  • Body language and behaviour of equines
  • Handling and restraining
  • Loading and transporting of equines

Module 3: Identifying the equine

  • Definition of equines
  • The external points of the equine
  • Identifying features of an equine
  • Ageing an equine

Module 4: Evaluating the equine

  • Evaluating the well-being of equines
  • Conformation of an equine

Module 5: The basic primary health of the equine

  • Anatomy and physiology of equines
  • Internal and external parasites
  • Internal diseases of equines
  • Equine skin diseases
  • Controlled and notifiable diseases
  • Poisoning in equines
  • Lameness in equines

Module 6: Basic first aid of equines

  • Wounds and injuries in equines
  • Basic first aid procedures
  • Follow-up care of recovering equines

Module 7: Providing care and sustenance to equines

  • Care of equines – nutrition, grooming, exercise and stabling
  • Breeding and gelding

Module 8: Taking positive action in equine welfare

  • Places of safety
  • Prevention and empowerment through education

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