When we permanently confiscate working cart horses for neglect and abuse and bring them to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, their road to being fully rehabilitated can be a long one.  It is our dream that at the end of their journey with us they will find a home where they will live out their lives with one owner in which they can fully place their trust.

At the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, they can just be a horse again, be part of a herd, develop a bond with our dedicated grooms, learn to trust again through our rehabilitation programme and begin their journey to mental recovery.  We have dedicated this year’s calendar to all the horses living at the R&R and to those horses that went on to find their forever home. Your support helps us to give them this chance to heal physically and mentally in a safe, quiet and non-threatening environment.  We provide them all with a warm and comfortable stable, professional veterinary care, medication, feed, water, shavings, dentistry and horse equipment.

The R&R is such a beautiful and peaceful place where all the horses begin to thrive, with not a care in the world, their lives being changed forever and never having to work again.