In response to the escalating temperatures this summer, CHPA will always have the welfare of the working cart horses as a priority.

CHPA has implemented “Operation Scorcher” which is explained below:

  1. CHPA monitors the weather on a daily basis, in summer and winter.
  2. When temperatures are expected to rise, all cart horse owners are notified by WhatsApp and in person for them not to work.
  3. Unfortunately, there are some owners who do not comply.
  4. For those that do comply and are in need of feed because they can’t work, CHPA will always assist with feed relief.
  5. Our Inspectors will patrol the areas where the cart horses work.
  6. We network with Neighborhood Watch groups and ask them to escort working cart horses out of the areas and send them home.
  7. When found working on our patrols, CHPA will also send the cart horse’s home.
  8. If you do see a working cart horse, please get in touch with your Neighborhood Watch group to escort them out of the area, please do not approach them directly!
  9. For emergencies, please call us on 082 6 599 599. We are a small organization that covers a large area, so we rely on the public to be our eyes and ears on the road.
  10. If you need to send us a WhatsApp, please use 076 543 7949.
  11. Please do not post emergencies on Messenger or Facebook, as this platform is not manned all the time.
  12. Please be sure to take down as much detail as possible about the cart horse, especially the board at the back.