Darling Iris had endured a series of unfortunate owners, but her luck took a beautiful turn when she found the perfect owner who used her only for selling vegetables on the side of the road. Iris was treated like royalty, with luxurious accommodations in a first-class stable. It seemed like the world had finally become a better place for her.

Iris’s life took an unexpected twist when she fell pregnant, and she was booked off three months before her expected foaling date. While resting, enjoying the fresh air and lush green grass at her new home, tragedy struck as a heavily pregnant Iris was stolen right from her field. This heartbreaking day filled everyone with fear and concern for both Iris and her unborn foal. The Cart Horse field staff rallied together, helping the owner follow up on every lead provided by the community. Iris had formed a deep bond with her owner, so it was evident that she would be homesick, alone, and frightened. Despite tireless efforts, Iris remained missing for an agonizing 32 days.

Then, on a late evening one of our inspectors received a crucial call. A reliable source had tipped us off about Iris’s whereabouts, and to our relief, her foal was with her! Early the next morning, our inspectors set out with determination to collect Iris and her precious foal. The entire Cart Horse office anxiously awaited news as they were uncertain about the condition they would find Iris in. When the call finally came, “We got her!” the office erupted with cheers, and a wave of pure relief swept over everyone.

Iris and her precious baby were joyfully reunited with her owner, who couldn’t hold back tears of happiness upon their return. It was evident that poor Iris had been through a lot, judging by her badly-wounded withers and loss of condition.

In the face of adversity, the power of compassion and community prevailed, bringing joy, hope, and a heartwarming reunion for Iris, her foal, and her devoted owner. Together, we can ensure that their journey ahead is filled with love, care, and happiness.