The day after World Animal Day, we received a call that Mona’s load was unbelievable and that her condition was shocking. Inspector Booi and Inspector Jolize rushed out to the location where District Group Watch Edgemead was already on the scene.

Her condition when she arrived at the R&R

Mona’s harness was shocking, her load was shocking, her condition was shocking! Mona had brushing wounds and her back yard shoes were practically worn off!!!  Inspector Booi confiscated Mona immediately and Inspector Jolize trucked her to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre. After we un-loaded her, Mona drank loads and loads of water, then rolled with pure joy as she now knows she is safe and will receive all the TLC she so badly needs.

Mona’s shocking load on the cart.

This was her so called harness!

Folks, please support our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre where horses like Mona arrive broken, both mentally and physically. Their scars and wounds will heal, with good food, a warm stable, grooming, medical attention and a regular routine will recover physically. It is rehabilitating them mentally that takes time, sometimes years.

Rolling with pure joy as she already knows the R&R is a safe place.