Tim and Bruno in matching pjs.

Tim and his adorable dog Bruno, were local identities in his street as they walked up and down, greeting friends, catching up with the locals and Bruno receiving smiles, love and admiration from everyone.
Tim who was a CHPA New Zealand based friend, sadly died in March this year. A numerical accounting measure of Tim Willis’ embrace of the animal kingdom, revealed itself following the unexpected passing of this oft-subtle humorist. The figure 82cm!
82cm is the height difference between dogs and horses, two of the four-legged animals that are universally adored and no less so than by Tim.
The 82cm height variation between horses and dogs is based on: Border Collies are average sized dogs – up to 86cm.
Akhal Teke horses top at 160cm with the Hanoverian at 170cm. Thus, the height difference average between horse and dog is 82cm.
His widow, Sally and his adult daughters, Libby and Carrie continue to be part of a donor-enclave in North Shore, Auckland, recycling light-weight aluminum cans and wine bottle screw caps with the proceeds going to CHPA!
Improving the lives of working horses and donkeys is pivotal to Tim’s memory.
“It is so joyful to see Tim’s priorities living on in this way” From his friend Bill Harrison.