Mr. Lonely was brutally abused by his driver in a cart, for no reason.  The incident was thankfully caught on CCTV camera. Our inspectors recognised the horse and the driver and intercepted them on their way home.

Mr. Lonely was confiscated immediately and taken to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Gordon’s Bay. Although there was no apparent physical damage, his spirit was indeed broken. With the patience, love and care from our team and especially his groom, Mr. Manual, he is thriving in his routine and making new friends.

Whenever Inspector Diana visits his stable, he is always eating.  It never ceases to amaze our team how animals that are treated so inhumanely by humans can trust again. A case of animal abuse has been laid with SAPS against the driver and we will continue to keep you updated.

Mr. Lonely, who actually received a new name, Sir Luke, will be up for adoption once this case has been closed.