Ghost came to us as a skinny, overworked  pony and has since blossomed into a beautiful, proud and loving boy.

He is a mix breed pony type and his beautiful Dapple Steel Grey coat grabs the eye while his soft and loving way captures the heart.

He loves attention and often follows you around looking for more when you walk away.

Because he is newly gelded (19 May) he hasn’t fully settled into his “gelding manners” and sometimes still thinks he’s a stallion, although naturally he is very kind soft pony and he just loves to be loved.

Ghost is also very fond of his 10% and Lucerne and asks very nicely by sticking his neck out as far as he can with big sparkly brown eyes looking at you as if to say “pleaaaaase”. How can you say no to a face like that?

Ghost is settling in nicely with his friends on the farm and adores the mares. In time he will be good and ready for a loving happily ever after home.


Born: 2016

Height: 12HH

Colour: Grey

Gender: Gelding

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