Youth Development

The Youth Development programme aims to:

  • Educate the youth to uphold and honour the five freedoms of animal welfare:
    • Freedom from hunger and thirst
    • Freedom from discomfort
    • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
    • Freedom to express normal behaviour
    • Freedom from fear and distress

For many young boys and girls in the carting community on the Cape Flats, horses and riding horse and cart have been a part of their lives since birth. Horses are a part of the family and many have been taught to drive at a young age. Our annual Cart Horse Show which holds a Children’s Class bears testament to the talent that exists. However, life on the Cape Flats is hard and the youth are up against serious odds, poverty, gangsterism and substance abuse. In most cases even though they complete their matric, there are no opportunities or funds for them further their career or interests.

This programme will provide driving workshops for the carting youth on the Cape Flats introducing them to the arena of competitive driving and giving them the opportunity to be exposed to other disciplines.