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Happy horses at the R&R

We try our best to ensure that the working horses of the Cape Flats are well fed, well housed, well shod, healthy and happy in their work. Sadly, despite our hard work, some horses still need to be removed from their owners while others are voluntarily signed over.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Luckily in 2006 we received a generous bequest from the Late Estate of Bertha van Vliet which enabled us to acquire a piece of land in Gordon’s Bay. This land has been transformed into a recovery and rehabilitation centre (R&R). Here we have the facilities to house a number of horses until they are fit and healthy again.


Horses end up at the R&R for various reasons. Our two most recent acquisitions will not be strangers to you, as the news of their owners’ alleged illegal activities were well-publicised. Inspector was impounded by Law Enforcement when his owner was found in possession of a transformer housing while Thunder met the same fate after his drivers tried to sell railway tracks as scrap metal.

Inspector with the transformer box on his cart
Inspector having a rest

Neither of these boys were in terrible condition, but will nevertheless need to remain in our care until the court cases are concluded and we receive further instruction of where they are to go.


Confiscation is not the only way in which horses end up at the R&R. We have many caring owners who willingly sign over their horses when they feel that they will be better off at the R&R. Such was the case of Nasrodien Ockards when he decided to send Blondie to the R&R in the hopes that she will have a quiet retirement in our paddocks.

Nasrodien and his son saying goodbye to their beloved Blondie, knowing she will be in the best care.

Merciful End

Koos was a working horse for many years. He changed owners often. He was found in his stable barely able to stand on his four inflamed, laminitic feet. We tried so hard to save him, but in the end all we could do was give him a comfortable bed, a full belly and lots of feed for his last few days…

Sponsor a Stable

The R&R is currently overflowing with horses. Feeding them costs a lot of money and we are asking you to help us take care of these horses by opting to sponsor a stable at R500 per month.

See Make a Donation for various payment options. Use Reference: Stable Please send your confirmation of deposit to so we may acknowledge your donation and provide you with a Section 18A Tax Receipt.

Visit the Givengain website to register and raise funds for our R&R