Useful Tips

  • To report abuse (cart horse in bad condition, lame, overloaded or being worked too hard) or any violation of the City of Cape Town by-laws (illegal dumping, traffic violations or illegal activity) involving a cart horse call our Patrol & Call Out Officer on 082 65 66 599 during office hours and 082 65 99 599 after hours.
  • When reporting the case, take note of the following:
    • the number and name on the yellow ID plate affixed to the back of the cart,
    • size and colour of the horse, (here are some examples of the basic horse colours)
    • any markings,
    • road, area and direction the cart horse is travelling,
    • how many people on the cart,
    • what they are wearing and a description of the load, if any.
  • How do you know if a cart is over loaded? Here are some guidelines:
    • Small pony (11-12hh) – a maximum of 600kg’s
    • Medium pony (12-13hh) – a maximum of 750kg’s
    • Big pony and horses over 13hh – a maximum of 1000kg’s

The above mentioned guidelines include the cart, passengers and load.

  • Do not give hot, sweaty cart horses water, this can result in severe colic and can sometimes be fatal. The horse must be cool and breathing normally before it drinks water.
  • When the season changes from winter to summer, the cart horses still have their winter coats, due to this, even at a walk, they will sweat; this must not be mistaken for abuse or overworking. Rather take note of the horses breathing to ascertain the above. It should not be panting like a dog.
  • Do not get into a heated discussion with the ‘carties’, rather call the numbers above in order for us to deal with the situation.
  • Do not give the ‘carties’ cash for feed or shoes. If you would like to ensure that the working cart horses receive these services, support us by purchasing Cart Horse Coupons which the ‘carties’ can redeem at our daily clinics for feed and access to our farriery services. For more information about our Cart Horse Coupons call the office on 021 535 3435.