Have you ever seen a horse pulling a bakkie on its cart?  Sounds unbelievable, right?  Well, that’s exactly what we witnessed on 23 May 2023, when we received three distressing phone calls about poor Violet pulling a bakkie on her broken, unstable cart.  It would be manageable if it was just the shell.  But the bakkie was fully intact, just excluding the wheels!

You can’t even see there is a cart horse pulling this huge bakkie.

Inspector Diana and Inspector Jolize raced to the reported location and intercepted the driver.  Violet was immediately unhitched and was so relieved to be free from the burden that she nuzzled Inspector Diana with gratitude and loaded herself into the horse box.  We took Violet straight to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Gordon’s Bay.  At 21h00 that night, Violet’s temperature was still high and her breathing starting to become normal again.  Violet is a permanent confiscation!  So many regulations of the Animal Protection Act were broken that we will be prosecuting the driver and the owner!  They did not care about Violet’s health, her safety or her dignity.  They only cared about their own convenience and profit.

Only the wheels were missing, the rest of the bakkie in intact!

A huge Thank You to the caring public who notified us of Violets heart breaking struggle on the road.  She is safe and resting at the R&R.  Without your support, stories like Violets would not have had a happy ending.  If you want to help us continue to give Violet and other horses like her the care they need, please consider making a donation and spreading the word about our cause.

Violet safe and sound at our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre with her groom, Mr. Manual.