We try our best to ensure that the working horses of the Cape Flats are well fed, well housed, well shod, healthy and happy in their work. Sadly, despite our hard work, some horses still need to be removed from their owners while others are voluntarily signed over.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Luckily in 2006 we received a generous bequest from the Late Estate of Bertha van Vliet which enabled us to acquire a piece of land in Gordon’s Bay. This land has been transformed into a recovery and rehabilitation centre (R&R). Here we have the facilities to house a number of horses until they are fit and healthy again.

A Ghost Story: Found exhausted in the streets pulling a heavy load

Late afternoon on 11 May a little grey pony was spotted in the streets of Goodwood pulling a cart with an entire car loaded on the back. The load was so heavy that the driver of the cart as well as the guard had to help pull the load as the pony couldn’t manage on his own. Inspectors Melony and Hudith responded swiftly to the complaints and pulled them over on Halt Road. There they found poor Ghost soaked in sweat, exhausted and with a harness in dire need of repairs. It was decided to confiscate him permanently and he was transported directly to the R&R.

A week later he was gelded and with a little bit of food and a lot of TLC, he is quickly on his way to recovery!

Ghost is settling in nicely with his friends on the farm and adores the mares. In time he will be ready for a loving ever after home.

Not so Smart: Skin & Bone

Only a week earlier, inspectors had been called to a very sad scene. An emaciated chestnut horse was found working in a cart. The horse, named Smart, was not a registered working horse and was not legal on the road to begin with. Inspector Diana said she hadn’t seen a horse in such a bad state in years. He was literally skin pulled over bones! It was decided that Smart would be taken to the R&R forthwith.

Before and After


Smart should fill out beautifully to make an amazing riding horse. He is still undergoing rehabilitation and picking up weight and just loving life, learning that it can be good too.

Sponsor a Stable

The R&R is currently overflowing with horses. Feeding them costs a lot of money and we are asking you to help us take care of these horses by opting to sponsor a stable at R500 per month.

See Make a Donation for various payment options. Use Reference: Stable Please send your confirmation of deposit to info@carthorse.org.za so we may acknowledge your donation and provide you with a Section 18A Tax Receipt.