Darling Rose was always a scared and nervous horse, even though she had a good owner who treated her well.  As with many horses on the Cape Flats, she was sold on to new owners.  CHPA soon realised that they were not good owners because Rose would come down with colic on a monthly basis.  Each time, we would assist the owners with feed for Rose as she could not be put in a cart to work.

One afternoon, Inspector Lindt Os was patrolling and found Rose working. She was in very bad condition and wait for it, working lame as well!  Rose was immediately confiscated and trucked to CHPA Recovery and Rehabilitation (R&R) Centre in Gordon’s Bay.

Once Rose was at the R&R, it was a nightmare to catch her in the paddocks as she was still very nervous and scared of people. When she was in her clean and warm stable at night, she would stand against the wall, away from the grooms when they offered her 10% at bedtime.  The grooms called Inspector Diana one night when Rose started collicking.  Diana had no idea how she was going to treat Rose.  She slowly approached Rose in her stable who was surprisingly very calm and allowed Diana to touch and inject her.  Rose clearly felt safe in the hands of Diana and knew she was there to help.  The turnaround of Rose’s behavior can only be attributed to the grooms who day by day slowly nursed Rose back to health, showing her lots of love, kindness and patience.

The story does not end here, folks!

Rose had been with us for about six months and she was looking rather chubby. When her groom took Rose’s breakfast one morning, there was a little bundle of joy lying next to her mother.  So, not only did we save darling Rose, but her beautiful baby, Shiloh.

Mom and Shiloh are doing exceptionally well.   Please help keep our Inspectors on the road.