As you know, we offer veterinary services to the cart horse owners for free as we do not want them to think twice about calling us.  Severe cases get trucked to Blue Cross Vet in Newlands.   It costs CHPA R66 per minute for professional time at Blue Cross, R585 for stabling a horse and R17.67 per minute for after-hour monitoring.  This excludes all medication and equipment used.


Agan arrived with a severe eye injury and following a comprehensive examination by one of our veterinarians, it was determined that he would require extensive eye surgery.  After deeply emotional discussions, we sadly came to the difficult decision that we couldn’t afford the operation for Agan, who worked hard for his family! This was not an easy choice, but it was driven by the cost of the surgery which was simply beyond our means.  We made sure that Agan was stable, pain free and cared for before we sent him over the Rainbow Bridge.

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