Abas has been lucky to have access to our services for many years. He is a registered cart horse living with an amazing family.  His owner, Mrs. Arendse, brings him in for shoes, buys feed for him at CHPA and, when needed, a visit with the dentist.  But the thing that is most endearing about Abas is his tea routine in the mornings, before he goes to work.  He is very specific on how he takes his tea.   Slowly brewed, with a dash of milk and three teaspoons of sugar, not one or two, but three.  After his morning tea, he is ready and happy to go to work.

In July last year, Mrs. Arendse allowed a young man to clean Abas’s stable for a daily wage.  When she refused to pay him more money, he threatened to burn Mrs. Arendse’s house down and …followed through with the threat!


Unfortunately, Abas’s stable also caught fire and he received extensive burns to his body.  When Mrs. Arendse contacted CHPA, we rushed to the scene and trucked Abas immediately to Blue Cross Vet in Newlands.  The equine vets treated his burns and after quite some time, they sent him home.  Abas received daily treatments from our vets at Cape Vet and Inspector Lindt Os made daily visits to his home.  Mrs. Arendse then took over the daily treatments and has done a sterling job of keeping the wounds clean and preventing infection.

This is Abas today.

A case has been made with SAPS for attempted murder, arson and animal cruelty.  But the wheels of justice unfortunately turn slowly.

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