Beautiful Lady June’s owner called us on Sunday to say that Lady June can’t get up😢 When Inspector Jolize arrived at their home, she was still down, but eating and drinking. Everyone came together and Lady June was gently dragged into our horsebox. She was rushed off to Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in Newlands. Lady June was in a really bad state and it was decided to put her to sleep in July.

The day precious Shakira was born. Just as beautiful as her mom.

Shakira, now an orphan baby. We promised Lady June we will take good care of her

The heart wrenching part about this story, is that Lady June gave birth to a beautiful foal called Shakira on 15 April. Shakira will now grow up without a mom and we are doing all we can to help the owner take care of her.
Rest in peace darling girl, and know that we will do whatever we can for your daughter🌈⭐️💔
Shakira is a little fighter and is doing well under these sad circumstances. We suspect she was involved in a little altercation when she was out and hurt her little leg, but the vet at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital said she will be just fine🙏
This is the message we received from Lady Junes family:
We as the Lee family want to hardly thank Cart Horse for all the help they have given us through the years with Lady June, she was our bread winner and a great family member. Our hearts are broken but with Carthorse on our side we know we will raise Shakira in her mother’s footsteps thanks Cart Horse.