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We have many services and projects to improve the welfare of these working horses, but this Giving Tuesday, we would like to share more with you. Not only that, we would like to hear from you. What have your experiences been with the horses and their drivers?

Allow me to tell you my own short story, and then take you right into the homes of two of our owners, Aiman Tula and Brandon Lee.

Dereck Groders, aka Aiman Tula with Beauty

Dereck Groders, aka Aiman Tula with Beauty

Brandon Lee with Daisy Lee, receiving her very own Cart Horse mug!

Brandon Lee with Daisy Lee, receiving her very own Cart Horse mug!

Have you met “Aiman Tula” or Brandon in their travels? Have you met any other cart horse owners or drivers?

We would love to hear YOUR stories. Have you interacted with any of our carties? Has your experience been positive or negative? Share your stories with us on Twitter @Care4CartHorses!

Other things you can do:

  • Share this with your friends and help us reach our R50 000 goal for GivingTuesday2020.
  • Share our emergency number with everyone so they know to call 082 6599 599 if they see anything untoward happening with a working horse such as overloading or abuse.
  • Share our website with everyone so they can learn about the work we do.

Because of the restrictions on physical gatherings, our means for fundraising has been limited to online campaigns and we ask you to help us so that we can continue to help people like Brandon and Dereck make an honest living with the horses they love.

It is really simple to donate with the Snapscan App – you can even set up recurring payments!

Download the app click on “more” in the bottom right hand corner and then click on “Donate”. Scroll down to “C” and select Cart Horse Protection Association!