Because of five year old Amazing’s height, she was not allowed to work more than 30km from home.  We received a complaint about an overloaded small horse and immediately went out and found Amazing working in an area she was not allowed too.  The cart was actually not overloaded!  We confiscated her and trucked her to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Gordon’s Bay.

Fausie, also a darling of a girl, was found overloaded at SA Metal.  She was too small for a cart horse and was not supposed to work at all.  There were three guys on the cart as well as allot of scrap metal.  Fausie was also immediately confiscated and also trucked to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre.

Amazing was in her paddock when Fausie arrived at the R&R that morning.  When they saw each other, both of them went into a happy frenzy.  These two girls were stable mates where they lived on the Cape Flats and were reunited after all this time.

The bond that Fausie and Amazing has is incredible and now they spend their days together, never having to pull a cart ever again.  They are so close, that we even stable them together in a single, big stable.  When Amazing had colic awhile ago, Fausie was beside herself and watched over her until she got well.  Their bond will never be broken again as they will definitely be adopted out together when they find their forever home.