Cyrus, also a darling of a boy, suffered from a locked stifle for quite some time.  He was trucked to our clinic every week where our vet would come out to see him, using strong pressure directed from outside to inside on the stifle.  At the same time, showing his owner what to carry on doing when he went home again.  Having a locked stifle could be painful so Cyrus was also given pain medication.   As nothing was really working, our vet decided to finally cut the tendon on his left leg.  Cyrus was once again sent home with strict instructions on how to attend to his condition.

When we checked up on Cyrus at his home, we discovered his owner did not adhere to the aftercare instructions.  CHPA therefore enforced Regulation 468 and removed Cyrus into our care, taking him to our Recovery and Rehabilitation.  There Cyrus received all the proper medical attention he deserved and needed.   We were also able to keep him under veterinary supervision when his second stifle locked.

Cyrus is now permanently in our care as his owner defaulted on his payment to us for stabling Cyrus at the R&R.  Cyrus is doing incredibly well, no more locked stifles and he is another horse Inspector Jolize has fallen madly in love with.