In 2008, a tragic accident shook the lives of Manie and his family. A devastating encounter with an unregistered car claimed Manie’s life, leaving his family in profound grief. Amidst the turmoil, Meisie, the cherished family mare, was heavily pregnant. Struggling to cope with their loss, Manie’s wife turned to us, seeking refuge for Meisie during this challenging time.

Our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, established through the generous bequest from Bertha Van de Vliet, became a place of hope and solace. When Meisie arrived at the R&R, we were filled with excitement as we welcomed our first foal to be born there. To honor Bertha’s extraordinary gift, we decided to name the newborn foal Lady Bertha if she turned out to be a girl.

Meisie’s human mother paid her a visit at the R&R after not seeing her for a couple of weeks. As they reunited, they noticed the telltale signs of imminent birth in Meisie. Ignoring the belief that mares typically give birth at night, Meisie chose to trust the safety and comfort of her human companion, giving birth to Lady Bertha that very day. It was a touching moment that symbolized the profound connection between humans and animals.

Meisie and Lady Bertha remained at the R&R for an extended period, but eventually, it was time for them to return home, where they enjoyed their days unburdened by heavy work, grazing peacefully on the school field. Lady Bertha later embarked on her own journey and gave birth to Black Princess, and their lives were marked by love, care, and limited labor as they were treasured by their owners.

Eight months ago, Black Princess gave birth to Black Beauty. Unfortunately, Black Beauty fell ill, prompting her owners to entrust her care to us. Ironically, Black Beauty now finds herself back at the very place where her story began—the R&R, surrounded by the love and care that has characterized her family’s journey.

The tale of Meisie, Lady Bertha, Black Princess, and Black Beauty is a heartwarming story of the special bonds between mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, etching their places deep in our hearts.