While our dedicated farriers, Ashley and Marlin, were diligently tending to the needs of the horses, a poignant rescue story unfolded.

As they worked on the horses’ hooves, their attention was drawn to a group of young boys riding a pony bareback in the vicinity. What they saw was not the joyous, carefree image of children enjoying a gentle ride but rather a troubling sight.

Without a second thought, they decided to intervene. With a deep concern for the pony’s well-being, they immediately sought the assistance of Inspector Melony.

Inspector Melony swiftly responded to their call, and together, they intervened to rescue the beleaguered pony from the clutches of abuse. It was a day that marked the beginning of a brighter future for this suffering creature.

With immense care, we transported her to our Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, where she found herself surrounded by love, compassion, and the promise of a better life. In honor of her new beginning and the season in which she was saved, we affectionately named her Autumn Honey, symbolizing the sweet transformation she was about to undergo.

At the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, Autumn Honey began her remarkable journey toward recovery and renewal. Here, she was treated not as a mere animal but as a sentient being deserving of respect and care. Day by day, she started to thrive under the watchful eye of our devoted team, regaining both her physical health and her trust in humanity.

It’s crucial to understand that our mission at CHPA is not achieved by the efforts of a few but through the collaborative spirit of our entire team and the generous support of individuals like you. Every rescue, every rehabilitation, and every step we take towards improving the lives of horses is made possible by the collective dedication of our community.