In the blink of an eye, Aca Joe’s world was almost shattered.

The phone call came in; delivering news that had us all very distressed.  Aca Joe, a cherished cart horse, had broken free from his stable, to get to the ladies, and found himself in the path of an oncoming car. The collision left him battered and in terrible pain. We rushed to the scene, determined to bring Aca Joe the immediate relief he needed at that moment.

The day of Aca Joes accident

Arriving at the scene, we administered painkillers and then Aca Joe actually loaded himself, as if he knew we were going to make him all better.

Back at our clinic, Aca Joe was entrusted into the capable hands of Dr. Lauren from Cape Vet. With her unwavering dedication, she meticulously examined his injuries and stitches were most definitely needed.  The area, around his buttocks, was also a very tricky one!

Dr. Lauren inspecting Aca Joes wound.

Dr. Lauren did an excellent job and we followed up on Aca Joe daily to make sure he was healing without any complications.

As you can imagine, our expenses associated with veterinary care loom large for us, threatening to undermine our ability to provide the comprehensive treatment sick and injured cart horses need. We cannot allow financial obstacles to hinder our mission.

Aca Joe’s accident serves as another reminder of the unforeseen challenges cart horses face living on the Cape Flats.

We always say, together, we look after the holistic wellbeing of the working cart horses.