In the heart of the Cape Flats, an unsettling practice still persists: back yard shoeing.

Our shoes on the left, secondhand shoes being sold on the right.


CHPA first class farrier service.

Despite our best efforts to provide affordable and exceptional farrier services, some horse owners continue to turn to makeshift solutions. We offer a set of shoes and top-notch farrier care for a mere R100, a fraction of the actual cost we bear each month. In our ongoing commitment to the welfare of these majestic creatures, Ashley, our head farrier is training two new apprentices to expand our farrier services.

However, we need your support to ensure our farriers can continue their vital work. Join us in keeping the horses’ feet healthy and strong by making a donation today at CLICK HERE TO DONATE TOWARDS OUR FARRIER SERVICES.

From left, apprentice Zaahid Leite, farrier, Marlin Pienaar, Head farrier, Ashley Deelman and apprentice Kurt Melton.