During the first hard lockdown, we had many concerned donors and supporters who donated towards our COVID-19 Feed Relief programme. Some even went as far as donating vouchers and groceries directly to some of the cart horse owners. Although the pandemic and its ensuing lockdown had severe ramifications on many of our lives, the impact on animal welfare is far-reaching. According to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) the pandemic is predicted to cause severe problems relating to animal welfare as owners will be unable to afford feed and healthcare for their animals in the wake of the predicted economic recession.

There are 100-112 million working equids who provide a source of income for some of the poorest communities around the globe.

In November and December of 2020 World Horse Welfare, together with Cart Horse Protection Association, did a research study to try and determine what the effect of COVID-19 was on the working equid community in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Forty three of our own “carties” also took part in this study and we would like to share some of the interesting results with you.

This study concluded that worldwide, equids were working less, income had decreased and expenses had increased compared to before the pandemic.

Here in the Cape Flats:

  • 86% of respondents depended on their horses for 100% of their income
  • Each person interviewed supports, on average, 6.27 family members
  • 40% said that although their horses could not work, the cost of upkeep of their horse increased
  • 7% said their total household income had decreased
  • 4% of cart horse owners interviewed experienced high levels of anxiety due to the uncertainty brought by COVID-19
  • 9% made use of the help offered by CHPA to feed their horses

Help us to continue helping these horses and their owners in these difficult times.

Help us help them

By donating, you will help us to continue giving subsidised services and feed to our hard-working cart horse owners and horses.


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