Coffee with Cart Horse

Free talks and webinars

The Cart Horse Protection Association has been looking after the welfare of working horses for more than 25 years. We care about the welfare of all equines everywhere and therefore would like to share with you some of the wonderful work being done by other organizations in different parts of the country over the next two months. Please join us as we meet the wonderful people from other equine welfare organisations across the country.

The talks are free to attend, but if you feel so inclined, do drop us a donation!

coffee with cart horse

Coffee with Cart Horse 2021 Videos

Episode 32: Learn more about the importance of proper harnessing

Episode 31: Learn more about the farriery services we offer

Episode 30: Philippa Johnson visits the R&R

Episode 29: Miss Scheepers is confiscated

Episode 28: Hear what our GM had to say at the AGM

Episode 27: We meet cart horse owner Nathan and his horse Simba

Episode 26: Listen to Inspector Diana Truter’s AGM presentation about field work during lockdown.

Episode 25!

Episode 24: We pay a visit to Mr Salie who was removed from District Six with his horses

Episode 23: Have we made a difference since starting in 1995

Episode 22: Come on a journey of highlights of the past 26 years

Episode 21: We talk to Megan Campbell about a very special pony named Daisy.

Episode 20: Meet one of Cart Horse’s founding members, Karen de Klerk

Episode 19: It’s another donkey episode. We talk to Annemarie van Zijl from Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary

Episode 18: We chat to longstanding management committee member and treasurer, Tanya Kroon

Episode 17: Meet our very own Dr Lauren Brewis

Episode 16: We chat to Philippa Johnson just before she heads to Tokyo

Episode 15: Uthando (James Fernie)

Episode 14: Kim Wallace (The Riding Centre, Hout Bay)

Episode 13: Surprise at KRES

Episode 12: Oliver Lazarus

Episode 11: Blondie is signed over

Episode 10: Chloe, our youthful volunteer

Episode 9: Youth Day

Episode 8: One of our youngest supporters, Abby

Episode 7: Trainee EWP Jolize Jordaan

Episode 6: Tankwa Karoo Outreach

Episode 5: Sakkie Doodles the special Donkey

Episode 4: EARS Donkey Sanctuary

Episode 3: Coal Yard Horses

Episode 2: Blind Love

Episode 1: Lesotho Project