16th Aug 2018

AGM 2018

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 7 August 2018. We reported back on our work for the year 01 April 2017 – 31 March 2018. The Minuntes and agenda is available for download and you can request a copy of the Annual Report from Marike at

We were very lucky to have Dr Magdie van Heerden as our guest speaker. Her talk was titled: “Breaking the cycle of violence: What can each of us do?”More and more studies today highlight the link between cruelty to animals and violence against people. This should not be seen as a linear link, thus cause and effect, but may be a reflection of the basic values and norms of a society towards those who are at its mercy. The question we are confronted with here is: What has led us away from human goodness?

Dr van Heerden is a Human-Animal Interaction Practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in humane education, animal-assisted therapy & activities, puppy management, positive reinforcement training, pre-pet acquisition consultations and pet bereavement counselling.