16th July 2016

Rokpa Charity visit to CHPA Epping Clinic

Rokpa International is a relief organisation, based in 17 countries doing over 100 different projects. Rokpa is Tibetan for “Help”, and our motto is “help where help is needed”.

In 2004 Zan’s horse, Ziggy Stardust received a long life blessing from her spiritual teacher, Dr. Tulku Akong Rinpoche. In 2010 he told her to make C.H.P.A. her project under the auspices of Rokpa Charity. This is an humanitarian organisation that was founded by him along with Lea Wyler and Dr. Veit Wyler in 1980. Rokpa is a Tibetan word meaning “help” and “friend”. ( Zan began by hosting the “Arty Carty Party” exhibiting work of 35 artists in her home and opening her garden to stall holders. Ziggy’s birthday parties which had always been so popular were turned into fundraising events. That precious horse of hers is now 31 years old and is still going strong. May he keep raising money for his fellow beings..)

In 2013 Akong Rinpoche travelled to Tibet to distribute donations that had been collected for orphanages and old age homes there. He was stabbed to death by a monk who had come demanding the money from him. Dr. Tulku Akong Rinpoche guarded the funds and thereby the generosity of all the contributors with his life. Rokpa Charity has grown from strength to strength and is represented in 17 countries. Ken Holmes is the French representative and he together with a small group from the Cape Town Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre paid the depot a visit to present C.H.P.A with a donation which included a contribution from Akong Rinpoche’s brother Lama Yeshe. The visit took place on the 8th October which marked the 2nd anniversary of Akong Rinpoche’s passing. Everyone was delighted when Ken discovered a registration plate of a cart horse called “AKON” and it felt perfect for Rokpa Charity to be involved with C.H.P.A. on that auspicious day.

In Cape Town Rokpa run another project called “Circle of Nourishment” at Mowbray maternity Hospital

Our Cape Town community created the Circle of Nourishment group in 2012 and has been in service to the community since the winter of 2012.

Our social relief project supports vulnerable mothers and new-born babies at Mowbray Maternity Hospital, through our weekly feeding scheme and donations of ‘Stork Bundles’.

Close on 1,000 babies are born at MMH every month. Over 90% of the mother’s are unable to pay the hospital for their services. Many expectant mothers visit the day clinic without having eaten. Our service has been to provide a simple serving of sandwiches and fruits to the mothers, and any accompanying members of family who wait for hours at the clinic.

Social workers further identified another need in the hospital– maternity packs for impoverished mothers. Our broader community supported the call for knitting of booties and beanies, and through ongoing fundraising efforts, we are able to purchase supplies to create Stork Bundles. These include 3 re-usable nappies, washable nappy liners, soaps, baby clothes, a blanket, booties, beanies and maternity pads for the mother. To date (2015) we have created over 1,000 Stork Bundles.

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