25th Apr 2018

Knowledge is Power

When we visited EARS in Greyton in May last year as part of our Outreach Programme, one of the needs identified was training on the Animals Protection Act. In March we presented a 7 day training programme on Animal Welfare Legislation to fourteen participants from animal welfare and law enforcement.

The training delivered by Inspector Diana Truter was held in a tractor barn on a beautiful working fruit farm in Greyton, a perfect setting for learning and sharing experiences. The programme covered the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962, Animal Matters Amendment Act, 1993, Regulation 1246, Regulation 468, Performing Animals Protection Action Act, 1935 And Regulation 1672.

The programme was split over 2 weeks and the approach was focused on group participation and experiential learning. Brainstorming, sharing case studies, debating, group discussion and role-playing all contributed to the creation of a close knit team of people who are passionate about animals and their welfare. A day field trip to horse owners, pig farms, the pound and animal welfares gave participants the opportunity to put their theory into practise.

This was our first attempt at delivering training off-site and once the stress of writing the examination was over we asked participants to complete a feedback form so that we could improve the training going forward.
Here is what some of the participants wrote when asked what they liked most about the training:

“I loved the group discussion, the great sense of humour the trainer had which made it very enjoyable”

“The trainer is the best what I like the most is her passion and dedication to her work”

“I literally loved everything! Our group of people were amazing and so fun to work with. We learned so much about each other and all the cart horse people involved is so awesome.”

“Learning about the care of animals and being able to use the Act regarding protection of animals”

“Knowledge imparted and gained. Networking with colleagues and new contacts”

Our sincere thanks to World Horse Welfare who funded this training programme, Jo Sedgwick for providing the venue and catering and to all the participants who embraced the training and made it a rich experience for everyone.