Home Visits Project

Launched in April 2014 focuses on the living conditions of cart horses in their stable yards on the Cape Flats. Each visit assesses the horse, stable size, tethering, access to grazing, availability of feed and water, cleanliness of stables and bedding, stable floor and structure, safety and ventilation. If yards do not meet the required standard an intervention is put in place. Albeit that the stabling is informal, the majority of yards visited are not overcrowded, horses are tethered out on the field during the day if they are not out working, water and feed is readily available,  stables are clean and dry with many owners making use of shavings as bedding. In most instances the stables are constructed with wood and corrugated iron, are safe and have sufficient light and ventilation. The project proactively prevents cases of neglect and is  instrumental in the rescue of horses that were found in backyard stables without sufficient feed, water and care.