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Heroes for Horses 2017

Horses are still used to earn a living

Have you ever read Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty”? Did his story make you angry or sad?Did it make you want to go out there and do something to change his plight? Are you aware that in this modern day and age, this life is still the reality for some horses? It is not happening in some far away country where we can do nothing about it – this is on our doorstep. Horses are still the lifeline and the sole source of income for many families on the Cape Flats.


What we do

The first animal welfare organisations in the world were started because of the plight of working horses. The Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) was brought to life in 1995 for these same reasons. To enable us to make the lives of these horses a little easier, CHPA provides subsidised feed, farriery, harness and cart repair services at our weekly clinics and 24/7 veterinary care. We monitor them whilst they work on our roads and respond to complaints. Our Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre provides a place of safety from abuse and neglect.

So what can you do?

Become a Horses Helping Horses Hero this October and join the Cart Horse Stable Yard Challenge! This is an opportunity for all sport and pleasure horses and their owners / riders to help us improve the plight of their hard working cousins. During the month of October host a mini fundraiser at your yard and challenge other yards to do the same. To get you started, here are some ideas – wash your horse day, fancy dress fun show, beach ride, cleanest tack competition ….

Will you sign up to become a Horses Helping Horses Hero?

Yes! Please contact Karin at

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