Nelson Mandela Day 2018

Once again the hearts and hands of our wonderful supporters opened up this year on the 100th celebration of Madiba. Winter on the Cape Flats is no picnic and horses and humans alike often live in wet, muddy conditions that make it very hard to keep warm. We decided to […]

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Visitor from World Horse Welfare

On 22 February, we received a visit from Suzanne Dando, a patron of World Horse Welfare. Suzanne is a former Olympic Gymnast, TV Presenter and Charity Ambassador from the UK. She and her husband Adam spent a couple of hours at our clinic in Epping getting to know our staff […]

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Celebrating 90 years of World Horse Welfare

On 23 November, the Cart Horse Protection Association held a little event to celebrate the 90th birthday of World Horse Welfare. We invited some of our cart horse owners and drivers for coffee and a muffin and the horses were each given a small feed. We were joined by Soli […]

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