29th May 2017

Give way to horse-drawn carts on the road

Most of the accidents that our horses and carts are involved are in fact caused by motor car drivers!

Not only do cart-horse drivers have every right to be on the roads, they have right of way. There is a very good reason for this. Just as on the ocean, the more manoeuvrable ship has to give way to the less manoeuvrable one, animal-drawn vehicles have less manoeuvrability than motor cars. Especially when they have a load on the back, they cannot stop as fast as your car can, and they cannot make quick turns. In addition, horses are live creatures with a tendency to get frightened easily. So please be careful when overtaking a cart and never stop short in front of them as there is no way they can stop quick enough to avoid a collision.

Cart-horse drivers have to comply with the City of Cape Town’s legislation to drive on public roads. They have to have a permit in order to be legal on the road and they have to comply with all the normal traffic laws. If you do see them transgressing, please give us a call on 0826 566 599 during office hours and 0826 599 599 after hours.