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AGM 2018

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 7 August 2018. We reported back on our work for the year 01 April 2017 – 31 March 2018. The Minuntes and agenda is available for download and you can request a copy of the Annual Report from Marike at We were very lucky to have Dr Magdie van […]
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Nelson Mandela Day 2018

Once again the hearts and hands of our wonderful supporters opened up this year on the 100th celebration of Madiba. Winter on the Cape Flats is no picnic and horses and humans alike often live in wet, muddy conditions that make it very hard to keep warm. We decided to do something about it this […]
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Health & Safety Risk Assessments

The Department of Labour can walk into your business at any stage and you need to comply with the law, otherwise there are repercussions. I can help you with these basics and then take it further if you wish. Health & Safety becomes a great motivating tool as your employees will see that you care […]
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Be mindful of working horses on the roads

On 30 May 2018, the Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) together with cart horse drivers will embark on a special campaign to increase the awareness towards working horses on the roads. We will be attempting to create awareness among motor vehicle drivers on the roads surrounding Epping where our offices are located. CHPA staff together […]
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Knowledge is Power

When we visited EARS in Greyton in May last year as part of our Outreach Programme, one of the needs identified was training on the Animals Protection Act. In March we presented a 7 day training programme on Animal Welfare Legislation to fourteen participants from animal welfare and law enforcement. The training delivered by Inspector […]
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Visitor from World Horse Welfare

On 22 February, we received a visit from Suzanne Dando, a patron of World Horse Welfare. Suzanne is a former Olympic Gymnast, TV Presenter and Charity Ambassador from the UK. She and her husband Adam spent a couple of hours at our clinic in Epping getting to know our staff and learning what we do […]
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Archived Newsletters

This is a list of archived newsletters for 2018 April 2019 March 2019 February 2019 January 2019 December 2018 November 2018 October 2018 September 2018 August 2018 July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 April 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 This is a list of archived newsletters for 2017 December 2017 Oct / Nov […]
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Who We Are

The Cart Horse Protection Association is a non-profit Cape Town based animal welfare organisation. Our vision – to establish a centre of excellence for working equine welfare in the Western Cape. Our mission – promote the welfare of working horses and donkeys in the Western Cape through service provision, legislation, education and training. Our aims – to protect working cart horses and donkeys on the Cape Flats from abuse; initiate an outreach programme for working horses and donkeys in the Western Cape; establish a formal Youth Programme on the Cape Flats.

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